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What’s next in CSA18:

  • Come and compete in one of the places with the highest solar irradiance in the world, with up to 8.5 [kWh/m2/day].
  • 2500 [km], 7 days: The event passes through some of the most iconic landmarks of northern Chile, in 7 days of exciting adventure and strategic teamwork.
  • Entrants whose solar cars comply with Bridgestone WSC regulations will meet those for our Evolution Class.
  • 0-3400 MASL: technical and tactical challenges are constant in this experience, as the radical height differences will put even the most experienced teams to test.
  • English will now be one of the official languages for the event.
  • We’ve left the staged format for the event behind, now featuring a continuous course in the fashion of Bridgestone WSC. You restart every day where you left off.
  • ISF Global Championship Ranking: since CSA is now a ISF sanctioned event, teams will earn points in the worldwide ISF ranking.