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Carrera’s Solar Atacama crew inspected the route for the 2014 version of the race.


Last week, our technical team went to the north of Chile to evaluate the route of the Carrera Solar Atacama 2014. During this tour many doubts were cleared about the potential damage that the last earthquake of April did on the roads, also important data was obtained for the strategy of the participants.

The total distance of the race is over the 1.400 km, from which some points were carefully reviewed by the organization which gave many positive conclusions about the condition of the road and also gave some places as possible checkpoints.

On the next days, the Google Earth file with the new route will be available for everyone. Additionally, teams will be given a visual recording of the route with the purpose of helping them making a better logistic and strategy for their participation on the race.

Other important aspect of this tour was that the team visited the new coastal path between Tocopilla and Antofagasta. The 2014 version of the race is on going with great speed and all the problems that were presented with the Earthquake are minor.

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