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Eolian Team from the Universidad De Chile, launches the first solar car with two cabins of South America.


On april 30, the team from the Universidad de Chile launched to the public their fourth version of their solar car, the Eolian 4. This model has a unique particularity, it’s the first time a two cabins solar car is developed on the region.

It wasn’t an easy job, but the team managed to pull forward this ambitious project. Being the first at something is hard task on a world that innovates in a very fast speed. Nevertheless, giving form to the ideas of tomorrow is what Eolian team is all about. That’s why this year mission […]

Solar Quad: Ignacio Casale and the solar energy


The current champion of the quads category of the Dakar rally referred to the use of clean energy on the motor Sport and also was amazed by the implementation of solar workshops on Schools.

Ignacio follows personally how his bike is made; in fact he was just buying some parts for his mechanic to try a variation of the carburetor. He seems pleased, before making the interview we give him a little solar car made on the Taller Solar. He starts to examine the car, and says with a curious tone “I can’t believe this works even without an […]

Carrera Solar Atacama stole all the attention on the Lollapalooza festival


The NGO La Ruta Solar together with the Solar Mecatronica Uc Team attended to the music festival, Lollapalooza.

The past 29 and 30 of March the music festival, Lollapalooza, was the host of La Ruta Solar on their green village space made for environmental and sustainable projects that wished to publicities their work to the people who attended the concert. Carrera Solar Atacama, Taller Solar and Solar Mecatronica Uc were present in the stand, where they received numerous amounts of compliments, questions and photos.

A good amount of people were able to learn more about the solar energy and engraved […]

Ergón team points on building alliances for their participation on the Carrera Solar Atacama 2014


Ergón on the Fidae (international air and space fair) 2014:

The exhibition counted with the participation of the first prototype of the team, the Ergon I, witch competed in the second version of the Carrera Solar Atacama. However, their Spoke woman, Valentina Jiménez, said that this year the “Sansanos” team is working on a new model that would seek to position Ergón on the high part of the table of the competition on November 2014.

After the participation on t
he Fidae 2014, the team from the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, showed some important progress under […]