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26 teams from all around the world will compete on the Carrera Solar Atacama 2014


Last Thursday the registration phase was finally over. Among the teams there are exponents from seven nations.

The Carrera Solar Atacama has all their participants ready. There are 26 teams that have confirmed their participation and will be testing their cars in the Qualifying to develop on Alto Hospicio between the 10th and 12th of November. After this stage, the remaining teams will be ready for the big race, which will start on the 13th of November and will finish on the 17th of the same month.

The novelty of this year is that for the first time there will […]

Two times world champion solar team confirmed their participation in the solar race of Chile


The Tokai university team adds up to the Carrera Solar Atacama race.

In its third version, the competition of solar cars of South America receives one of the best and strongest team of the world. The Tokai team comes to challenge the Atacama Desert and also the teams from the region. All the teams will seek to win the Carrera Solar Atacama that will be held from 13th to the 17th of November of this year.

The Tokai team represents the University of the Same Name and is composed by academics and students from that university. The team started on […]

Carrera’s Solar Atacama crew inspected the route for the 2014 version of the race.


Last week, our technical team went to the north of Chile to evaluate the route of the Carrera Solar Atacama 2014. During this tour many doubts were cleared about the potential damage that the last earthquake of April did on the roads, also important data was obtained for the strategy of the participants.

The total distance of the race is over the 1.400 km, from which some points were carefully reviewed by the organization which gave many positive conclusions about the condition of the road and also gave some places as possible checkpoints.

On the next days, the Google […]

Eolian Team from the Universidad De Chile, launches the first solar car with two cabins of South America.


On april 30, the team from the Universidad de Chile launched to the public their fourth version of their solar car, the Eolian 4. This model has a unique particularity, it’s the first time a two cabins solar car is developed on the region.

It wasn’t an easy job, but the team managed to pull forward this ambitious project. Being the first at something is hard task on a world that innovates in a very fast speed. Nevertheless, giving form to the ideas of tomorrow is what Eolian team is all about. That’s why this year mission […]