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Two times world champion solar team confirmed their participation in the solar race of Chile


The Tokai university team adds up to the Carrera Solar Atacama race.

In its third version, the competition of solar cars of South America receives one of the best and strongest team of the world. The Tokai team comes to challenge the Atacama Desert and also the teams from the region. All the teams will seek to win the Carrera Solar Atacama that will be held from 13th to the 17th of November of this year.

The Tokai team represents the University of the Same Name and is composed by academics and students from that university. The team started on the year 1991 on working in the “Solar car project”. Now, with 22 years of experience, they have won five international titles and now for the first time will go to South America to win the Carrera Solar Atacama.

The team spokesman referred about their expectation about the race “we are eagerly anticipating this intriguing challenge and thrilling adventure in the spectacular and inciting country of Chile – aiming to return as champions once again with high hopes in gaining an unforgettable experience, and an honorable accomplishment.”

The two times champion will bring all their experience to a race that already have good exponents. In previous years, there’s already been a outstanding participation from the teams. The Antakari team from Chile, conquered two consecutive titles of the race.

Leandro Valencia, Director of the Carrera Solar Atacama, referred about the feelings of the organization after the registration of the Tokai “ It is a very good news for all of us, that after many years of hard working, teams of the elite of solar race worldwide arrive to this country. Without doubt, this will be a incentive for teams from the region of making a better effort on winning the race and we hope this also incentive the support of other outside the solar race world, that’s why we thanks Collahuasi, Sodexo, SQM and Barrick Zaldivar for letting us grow each and every day.”

The delegation of the Tokai is made ​​up of 20. They will be part of the 20 teams that will exhbit theire cars on front the La Moneda Palace on Nov 5.

Carrera Solar Atacama thanks Collahuasi, Sodexo, SQM, Barrick Zaldivar for letting this dream come true.

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