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// Carrera Solar Atacama 2018

What’s next in Carrera Solar Atacama 2018:

  • The route of Carrera Solar Atacama extends through the Atacama Desert, the driest desert with the highest levels of solar radiation in the world, with up to 8.5 kwh / m2.
  • The event will take place over a distance of 2,600 km through some of Northern Chile’s most emblematic locations, and over a period of 8 days of exciting adventure and strategic teamwork.
  • Teams will face constant technical and tactical challenges during the course of the race, such as changes in altitude (from 0 to 3400 metres above sea level) that will put even the most experienced of teams to the test.
  • The format of the Solar Class race has also changed: instead of taking place in stages, as occurred in previous events, it will be continuous. Teams will begin the day at the place where they were left off at the end of the previous day. Hybrid Class teams will take on a different format, consisting of 6 individual challenges along the route: 3 urban circuits and 3 sections of the route.
  • As an event recognised by the International Solarcar Federation, teams participating in the Solar Class will earn points towards their ISF ranking.