Carrera Solar Atacama (CSA) is the first solar powered car competition in Latin America, and will be carried out in the driest desert in the world, with the highest levels of radiation, along an impressive geography.

The official launch of the first solar race in Latin America, was held in October 2009, at the “Salón del Autmóvil”, under the command of Leandro Valencia, the CEO of the NGO La Ruta Solar.



Check out what we are preparing for the next version of Carrera Solar Atacama, the hardest Solar Car Race in the world.


Carrera Solar Atacama is a fantastic adventure across one of the driest countries in the world. There, the warmth of the sunshine is only eclipsed by the warmth and friendliness of its people.

Chris Selwood, International Solarcar Federation

This race is held in the atacama desert of northern chile, under some of the hardest, driest most intense conditions in the world.

Sidd Bikkannavar, NASA Engineer

CSA Is an ecological rally that promotes Chile’s renewables energies development, and its route also respects the patrimonial areas of our country.

Pablo Badenier, Minister of the Environment, Chile

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