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2014 Race

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What is Carrera Solar Atacama?

Carrera Solar Atacama is Latin America’s solar car race. It challenges young entrepreneurs from all the world to go across the Chilean Atacama Desert with a solar-powered vehicle, putting to test their technical and logistical capability, capacity for innovation, perseverance and teamwork. Read more about the competition.

Read more about the competition.


The race takes place on the world’s most arid desert, which has the highest solar irradiance levels on the planet, an ideal scenery for the maximum performance of photovoltaic cells to be reached. On it’s third edition, the event’s route will lead teams through the varied geography of the Atacama Desert in 4 days of competition. World acclaimed natural tourist attractions such as the Pampa del Tamarugal, the highland desert and coastline cliffs are part of the landscape that will surround the roads through which the teams will race.

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Event Regulations

The event is conducted under a set of norms and rules established in it’s regulations. These are divided in two documents: Technical Regulations provide the design specifications that solar cars must meet in order to compete. On the other hand, General Regulations establish the rules of the event, stating the requirements and procedures that participants must follow.

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The event will count on 2 classes: La Ruta Solar for low-cost hybrid solar EVs and Desafío Solar Atacama, conformed by vehicles propelled only by solar energy. This last one is divided into two sub-classes: “Classic” for three-wheeled vehicles and “Evolution”, where four-wheeled EVs will compete, featuring some design attributes that brings them closer to practical use.

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