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La Ruta Solar

This class, unique in the world of solar racing, comprehends hybrid EVs which are propelled both by solar energy and human traction. It aims to develop low cost environmentally friendly vehicles, extending in this way the entry to Carrera Solar Atacama for teams with limited financing possibilities.

Desafío Solar Atacama

Vehicles that comprehend this class are powered exclusively by solar energy and are equipped with high-tech components. They typically present a very aerodynamic design, for teams that enter this class aim to take their EVs’ efficiency to unseen levels. Desafío Solar Atacama is divided into two sub-classes: Classic and Evolution.


Three-weheeled EV for one occupant whose design strategy aims to reduce mechanical efficiency losses to a minimum. It usually features a wing profile as its body and an adjusted interior.


Four-wheeled EV for one occupant with an efficiency-based design strategy, but including some features that aim to achieve a closer approach to a conventional vehicle. Its interior is found more centered and provides greater ergonomics to the occupant.